Lōkahi Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Healing for Women

Lōkahi Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Healing for Women

Living in a state of Lōkahi means there is no separation within, only Unity, Harmony & Balance, allowing you to live a life of truth & Aloha, letting go of attachments for how things need to be, or should be, allowing flow, balance & correct alignment "spirit, mind & body" to occur with acceptance & Aloha.

Healing, we seek it because separation within has occurred, when separation occurs so too does emotional, physical & mental disharmony, living in a state of Lōkahi means there is no separation within, allowing you to live a life of truth & Aloha.

Lomi Lomi Massage - Sunshine Coast

Lomi Lomi bodywork done in the traditional Hawaiian way of healing, working in the alignment of “spirit - mind - body” not “mind - body - spirit” which suggests healing comes from our mind/ego before everything, when working with spirit first, like done in this traditional way, we are ensuring your connection & relationship spiritually, only then can everything else come into correct alignment and only then can true and lasting healing occur.

The health benefits of Lomi Lomi bodywork are essential for our modern day fast-paced lifestyles, with soothing and nurturing hula hand strokes that are embodied with Aloha - Unconditional Love, allow your daily stressors, anxieties and expectations gently wash away, allowing you to be in the here and now, to be in the gift of the present moment.

Lomi Lomi bodywork is so much more than our massage strokes that soothe and nurture you, Lomi Lomi bodywork done in the traditional way is about implementing protocols, Oli (chanting), Pule (prayer) and Hula movements which are all sacred traditional practices that have been preserved and kept sacred and past down for 51 generations and that is the way it was shared to me by my Kumu, it’s the true essence and sacredness of traditional Hawaiian healing and it is how I work directly with your guides and the spiritual realms to ensure healings are done correctly and uniquely to you and your healing in the here and now, helping you to reconnect to the sacredness of who you are.

Lomi Lomi Massage - Marcoola

You Are The Light Of Aloha, which means you are the light of unconditional love.

Self Love needs to be a foundation for life, without it you can’t discover the magnificence of who you are nor live a life of all that you are capable of.

This is why Lōkahi is one of the main focuses when entering a healing space with me, unity - harmony - balance within, so loving yourself unconditionally is possible to ensure there is no separation, Lōkahi flows once separation within is no longer having a ripple effect on your outer world.

What To Expect In a Lomi Lomi Healing

Firstly I have dedicated to offer this practice for women's healing, so I only work on women now, I believe we as women heal and support each other in such a unique way, and this is why I have chosen to specialise in the area of women's healing exclusively.

Lomi Lomi bodywork is transformative, people generally find me when things in their life are about to change or have changed and are needing to tune into their own inner compass for guidance, like I mentioned earlier, we work in the correct alignment of spirit - mind - body, once we have the right relationship spiritually, things flow into alignment naturally and we openly trust that inner knowing and guidance, allowing us to welcome the change needed within our lives.

Expect to be nurtured, as you enter the healing space and lay on my table know it's time to receive, this can be welcomed by some and at times can hold some resistance for others and that's all ok, we all have our own capacity in receptivity, it can reveal vulnerabilities and I hold you in safety at all times with this awareness.

Sound has always been a transformative aspect within my Lomi Lomi practice, our bodies are made up of sound and they resonate profoundly to sound and the vibration it holds, so Oli (chanting), tuning forks and crystal sound bowls are all part of your healing journey with me.

Lomi Lomi bodywork is a full body experience, we don't believe in any part of the body being separate when it comes to healing, we treat healing as a whole, this is why the entire body is worked on with nourishing warm coconut oil and flowing, soothing, continuous strokes to ensure nothing is missed, it is pure bliss and nothing like it in my opinion for wholistic spirit-mind-body healing that encourages reconnection to self.

I look forward to journeying with you into the healing realm of Lomi Lomi bodywork.

Aloha and Mahalo, Nat

Lomi Lomi Massage